1. And here’s an Adventure Time comic I wrote and drew for my portfolio! I hope you guys like it! I had a blast drawing Finn and Jake! They’re very different from the stuff I normally draw!

    This was for my NYCC 2014 Portfolio that I left for a few different companies on Thursday! If I hear anything back, I’m sure I’ll post about it right away!

  2. Here’s an Archie comic I drew to put in a portfolio that I tried to get reviewed by editors at New York Comic Con 2014. The old way of getting into drawing comics for large companies was to go to conventions and show them your work. After running around the show floor for five hours trying to talk to people, I can’t tell you what the current method is. Once I figure it out I’ll let you know.

    I left portfolios for Boom!, Archie, and IDW. If anything comes from it I’ll probably post about it straight away!! Until then, I guess this is less of a portfolio piece and more of a fan comic haha! But I still like it, and I think Archie fans will, too.

  3. Here’s a long overdue Star Teens Supermassive!! This story ended on star-teens.com a few weeks ago and I forgot to post it here!! I’ve been really busy getting a portfolio together to take to NYCC to show to editors, I’ll talk more about that in another post.

    Anyway, here’s part 2 of ”Flowers.” I love the third to last page on this comic! I think it’s really cute! Even if I did steal the overlapping voicebubbles from Blankets!! 

    If you’re not caught up on Rigel and the Star Teens be sure to check out the site! We’re already halfway thru the next comic over there!!

    I’ll see you with a brand new page on Monday! As always, keep your heart in the stars!!

  4. I’ve been working on a portfolio to show to editors at NYCC this week. Here’s a bit from my Archie comic. Of course I drew Pepper in the background!! I’m going with a more classic design for the characters, I hope people are into it!

  5. Here’s a shitty cellphone photo of this pitch comic I’m working on. I did an Archie comic already! I’m putting together a portfolio to take to NYCC! Its scary, but i just got two full-time job offers two days in a row, so maybe that trend will continue!

  6. Star Teens Supermassive!!

    This is the first half of “Flowers,” a cute romcom story featuring Rigel’s crush on his friend Mira! A funny thing about this story is that I named Rigel’s dad after my brother Rex. I wrote the character to act like how I thought my brother would act if he had a son. Just after I finished drawing the story, my brother called me and told me he was going to have a baby! Well, now his son Oliver is already here!! So that’s the major life thing that happened between drawing this story and actually posting it online! And that’s how long I waited to post it online!

    Anyway, I should have posted this Supermassive a week or two ago, but I was getting ready for SPX. So, if you liked these first 7 pages of this story, you can already read the next 5 pages on the website starting here!! 

    The newest page just updated today, so I’ll see you on Friday for page 13!

  7. maplekeycomics:

    SPX is right around the corner, and Maple Key Comics is getting ready! 

    Come say hi over at table L6A where editor Joyana McDiarmid ( heartsandminis ) and contributors Carl Antonowicz ( thulsadude ) and Josh Lees ( lickspittlecomics ) will be hanging out.

    You can find SO MANY contributors around SPX, especially in the L block:

    Adam Whittier - L5A

    John Carvajal, Jonathan Rotsztain, Rebecca Roher - K3

    Jon Chad - W53-55

    Laurel Holden - L7A

    Laurel Lynn Leake - L7B

    Luke Howard - L5A (Ignatz nominee!)

    Niel Brideau - C8

    Nicole J Georges - N3A

    Rachel Dukes - L9

    Sasha Steinberg - L6B

    Sophie Goldstein - C6 (Ignatz nominee!)

    Happy convention everyone!

  8. Here’s a supermassive post of the latest complete Star Teens comic. Mira’s Diary is mostly about the changing world, and the outdated mindset of older generations. But it’s also about the shortsightedness of youth in this same regard.

    The next story is a little more lighthearted, and it’s already started over at star-teens.com!

    Also, new page tonight at midnight!

  9. I played around with a Cintiq for the first time the other day. I’m not quite able to get the same strokes as I can with a brush, but I can see coloring and re-draws/editing being a lot easier than on my regular tablet. Anyway, here’s a little poster I made.

    Read this comic at star-teens.com!

  10. The first half of this comic can be found here.

    Another Star Teens supermassive post! Now the second half and conclusion of “a Grand ol’ Time!” It’s the second story in my on-going series Rigel and the Star Teens over at star-teens.com!

    The next story starts at midnight! So stay tuned!!