2. Inking jeans is my favorite.

  3. kickstarter:

    Saying Hi to Kickstarter Creators at MoCCA Arts Fest

    Beneath the watchful eye of a giant floating Charlie Brown, we visited the MoCCA Arts Festival this past weekend and caught up with some fantastic project creators. There were great Kickstarter-funded comics to be found all over the festival — above are just a handful of the creators we saw (and managed to take photos of). Pictured:

    Great seeing everyone — now go back some projects and read some comics!

    Look at all these cute cartoonists!!!

  4. Another pencils picture. This time I’m ripping off a panel from Virgins’ Empire by Kishi Torajirou. You ever read his comics? So cute, so sexy. One day Josh, your comics will hang with his.

  5. obsessivecomicdisorder:

     Artist - Gabriele Dell’Otto

    How could I have possibly forgotten about Gabriele Dell’Otto? He was my favorite artist when I was in middle school.

  6. This comic was drawn as a final project for a class in college in 2012. I drew one page every day for 50 days straight. I then made it into a book with a 100 copy print run. Now that those are almost completely sold out (two years later haha!) I’ve finally put it online! Two years after completing this comic, it’s still one of my favorites!

    If you want to read the entire 50 page comic, click here!!

  7. Drawing some sweet motorcycle comics. You’ll get to see this in a few months or so haha!

  8. maplekeycomics:

    Josh Lees’ Rigel and the Star Teens, debuting in Maple Key Comics, Issue 1! A story about growing up in a small town on a small planet, told in short stories about the lives of Rigel, his sister, his crush and his best friends.

    You can pre-order a copy of Maple Key Comics on our Kickstarter!

    The first Star Teens story in full screentone glory!

  9. maplekeycomics:

    Reblog contest! You can win a copy of Maple Key Comics, Issue 1, which comes out on April 1, 2014! Just reblog, add a little something of your own and we will pick a random winner on Tuesday, Feb 4

    You can also get copies of Maple Key Comics, beautiful prints and original art by supporting the Kickstarter!

  10. maplekeycomics:

    The Maple Key Comics Kickstarter launches TODAY! Help us get the work of our incredible contributors into print! We’ve got loads of great rewards for backers, including subscriptions, original art, and high-quality prints! Please at least consider lending us a hand by reblogging, liking, or backing us! 


    Hey y’all! Check out our kickstarter and support an awesome new comics anthology series! The first issue is almost done (clocking in at around 300 pages!) and we just need your help to get it printed!! This is where you’ll be able to read my newest comic Rigel and the Star Teens and a lot of other great stuff!